Alpaca Experiences

Private experience for 2 people

2 alpacas

 1 hour

£44 per couple

Private experience for 3 - 4 people

3 or 4 alpacas

1 hour

£60-£72 per group

Private experience for 5-6 people

4 alpacas

 1 hour

£80-£90 per group

How does it work?

On an experience you'll get to feed them, cuddle them, and walk with them!


When you arrive you'll meet our gorgeous boys and learn all about them. You'll spend some time feeding and petting them so you can get to know one another and all feel relaxed. Next, you'll help get them ready to go and then off we set walking in the fields which gives you a chance to learn how to handle these beautiful animals. You'll be able to ask questions and learn just how awesome they are! On return, you'll get them settled, feed them their dinner and you can have cuddles with our cheeky Valais Blacknose cross sheep. 


Alpacas have endearing personalities, they're inquisitive and love exploring new places! Our alpacas are halter and lead trained so it's just like walking a very tall, super fluffy dog! There may be some days our alpacas don't want to go as far as they do on other days. We work WITH our animals and will never force them to do anything they don't want to. Due to this, the places we walk and the overall time will vary on each visit. Please note that this is not an alpaca Trek and occasionally we have to rearrange visits if the weather is too bad.

*Children under the age of 10 are allowed to accompany an adult over 18 for £5pp but cannot hold an alpaca during the walk for safety reasons.


*Children aged 10-16 must be accompanied by someone over the age of 18. They may walk their own alpaca and are included in the package prices.

Dogs are not permitted as alpacas and dogs can make each other nervous and we want to ensure our alpacas are having as much fun as you! 



To book an experience with us, drop us a message via our GET IN TOUCH page!

We look forward to hearing from you!

We will go ahead with experiences rain or shine however, there may be occasions

where we have to rearrange due to extreme weather conditions.

Please bring coats, gloves, wellies, hats, sun cream... whatever the weather requires! It is

England after all and that beautiful sun sometimes catches us out mid visit! 

Please note there are no toilet facilities available and we apologise for the inconvenience.

How to book

What to bring and the weather

Longridge Alpacas is a trading name and is part of Positively Pawfect Ltd -

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