Hi I'm Kerry, I first met the boys almost 2 years ago and have been hooked ever since! I'm a nurse and mum of 2 girls age 12 & 5! I now help look after the Alpacas and Sheep and I know we shouldn't say we have favourites, but my faves are Reggie the Alpaca & Thor the Sheep. I think its because they are the cheekiest! I regularly take my children to see the animals too and they absolutely adore them all as well! Spending time with the Animals helps us all to remember that there is good in everyday if you know where to look for it, they are very good for your Soul!!!


Hi I’m Marie and have been volunteering here for a couple of years; my husband and daughter often come too. These lovable animals always greet us with such enthusiasm! They all have their own characters... always friendly, often cheeky! I enjoy helping to care for these fabulous animals. It really has been great to get to know them.


Hi I’m Bernie, unfortunately I don’t have a picture with the boys because I’m usually too busy giving them a cuddle so here’s a photo with the next best thing, a gin!  I first started volunteering with the boys a few years ago and loved it. I’m not naturally an outdoor nature kind of girl but really love animals (I know what a contradiction) lucky for me they have such a lovely nature and I really enjoy the time visiting them. I can’t wait till people can start visiting again and experience meeting them they are very cheeky and love food, but who doesn’t!


Hi, I’m Angela , I began helping out with the alpacas a couple of years ago accompanying Anthony on his visits when I was able. I visited a different group of alpacas with our crochet and knitting social group Seriouslyhookedup and loved it! So whenever I’ve been free have enjoyed visiting the boys. I work as a teaching assistant , also a front of house member at a pub/restaurant and assisted pre Covid-19 volunteered running sessions at our crochet and knitting group. So it’s always relaxing to see the alpacas and sheep outdoors whatever the weather.


I’m Lorraine and I was gifted an alpaca trek as a mother's day present,  I instantly fell in love with the cheeky boys and became a volunteer just before covid lockdown so haven't been as involved as I'd like to be due to a 25 mile round trip, but I share the care with my daughter if I'm over that way. Looking forward to being able to support visits when things return to new normal.

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