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Visit the little Glen


A one hour visit includes a meet and greet

with the alpacas, you will be able to hand feed the alpacas and take as many pictures as you like. We will halter the alpacas so that you can take them onto the field, but please understand that our visits are not alpaca walks or treks - this is reflected in our pricing strategy.

You will learn lots of facts about alpacas during your visit.

You can also meet our very friendly sheep. 


Each one hour visit includes meet, greet, treat and an opportunity to spend time up close with our wonderful animals. Our prices are lower than other alpaca experiences as we do not offer an alpaca walk.

The money raised by these visits goes directly back into enriching the animals' lives. We take zero profit and work on a volunteer basis.

One adult - £15

Two people (minimum one adult) - £30

Three people (minimum one adult) - £40

Four people (minimum TWO adults) - £50

Five people (minimum TWO adults) - £60

Six people (minimum TWO adults) - £70

*Please note there are no

toilet facilities on site

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