Meet & Greet

with the


Why not come and meet our fabulous alpacas?


Come down and meet the woollies, give them some food (help with some jobs if you fancy it!), give them some cuddles and then have a cup of tea and some biscuits?


(don't worry - it doesn't have to be tea!)

What could be better?

Why do we offer this?

As we take our alpacas on walks, do parties with them and take them to weddings, it's really important that we ensure they're handled by unfamiliar people and they see unfamiliar vehicles on a regular basis so they're happy and confident with anyone and anything. By allowing people to come and visit, it means we can give them the opportunity to do this.

Another reason for doing this is that we know lots of people would love to go on a walk with our alpacas but are either physically unable to or are a bit weary of them. This gives people an opportunity to get the chance to meet our fabulous boys in a very relaxed way - no need to pet them if you don't want to!

Coming down will be very chilled. You can meet the alpacas, stroke them, feed them treats, ask questions about them and have a warm (or cold) drink whilst you're there.

To book, please drop us a message via our

Get in Touch page or via the chat box below.

£5 per person

1 hour visit

*please do not bring dogs*

Longridge Alpacas is a trading name and is part of Positively Pawfect Ltd -

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